Flirtacious Basics is a 12 week drip program that teaches you the fundamentals of artistry. I broke down makeup into 12 easy to follow videos to teach you all things makeup.
It is impossible to showcase artistry with just 1 Muse, & that's what makes Flirtacious Basics different! In this program you will find gorgeous models & in each video you will relate to one! I made sure to include multiple face shapes, skin types, eye shapes, undertones, etc. Check out the video titles below, & remember you have access to all 12 as this is a program. Regardless of which tier you purchase, in the mail you will receive your set of brushes & lashes to use and play along with our tutorials.
Then after you complete your program, you get a 3 hour Master Class with me to refine your skill set!
Don't want to wait with our drip feed? Make sure to check out the fast track program to get access to me all at your own pace!

Flirtacious Basics Curriculum

The Basics of Make-up Artistry.  You’ll be guided through our 12 Lessons and have access to our weekly interactive message board where you can ask me about The Basics of Make-up Artistry.

  • Color Theory
  • Brushes
  • Skin Types
  • Foundation Matching
  • How to Highlight & Contour
  • Foundation; Baking & Setting
  • Brows
  • Determining Eye Shape
  • Perfect Wing & Lip Liner
  • Smokey Eye & Eye Shadow Techniques
  • Mascara & Lashes
  • Full Face Application
Color Theory
Skin Type
Foundation Matching
Highlight & Contour
Foundation Baking
Wing & Lip Lining
Smokey Eye
Mascara & Lashes
Full Face Demo

FlirtaCious Looks Lessons

One thing is to amplify your beauty, but with Flirtacious Looks and Lessons you walk away with the knowledge and confidence to master it on your own.

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